Coming Soon – Version 15 Online Directory

One of the new features that will be available in Roll Call Connect with Version 15 is the ability to provide your staff and congregation with an online directory.  What a great way to help your membership connect with each other.


The Roll Call Connect administrator will have complete control over who can view the directory as well as who should be included in the directory.  Any information marked as unlisted in a person’s profile will not be displayed in the online directory.

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5 Great Options for Online Giving

Times are a changing, aren’t they?  We don’t go to the post office anymore.   Families with land lines are few and far between.  And when is the last time you saw a 25 year old write a check?  More and more people are paying their bills online.  They are going to want the same flexibility to give online too.

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Sneak Peek at the Calendar in Roll Call Version 15

I’m so excited to announce that Version 15 of Roll Call will include a church-wide calendar.

Roll Call Users will be able to:

  • View all published Services, Group Meetings, Calendar Events and Count Me In Events in one location
  • Enter (and edit) general Calendar Events such as board meetings, staff meetings, potlucks, or holiday events directly on the calendar
  • Save/Print the Calendar for inclusion in a bulletin or publishing on website

Roll Call Connect Users will be able to:

  • View all published Services, Groups, Calendar Events and Count Me In Events
  • Save/Print the Calendar

Roll Call Connect Staff Users will be able to:

  • View all published Services, Groups, Calendar Events and Count Me In Events
  • Add/Edit/Remove general Calendar Events
  • Save/Print the Calendar

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6 Good Options for Online Backups

don't be someone saying this: "I should have backed up my data"

Data on backups attributed to Backblaze

I am amazed at how many customers have called us in the last month whose computers crashed or were destroyed. The majority of these folks did not have a local or online backup that they could recover from. It appears that computer users often do not regularly back up their information. Backblaze recently surveyed 2000 computer users. Of those 25% percent NEVER backup and only 8% backup on a daily basis.

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Event Registration and Check In systems for a smooth running VBS

The administration of VBS can be a challenge.  Who is coming?  What allergies do they have?  How many classrooms are we going to need?  What if they bring a guest … and on and on it goes.  But there are great tools out there to help you with your VBS event registration and check in processes.

Online Event Registration – so you know who’s coming.

  1. Use Count Me In as your registration system. This will allow parents to pre-register their kids for VBS.
  2. Set up the registration form within Count Me In to capture all the information you need such as name, age, emergency contact information, medical release information, allergies etc. Now you have it online and you won’t need to fumble through stacks of paper!
  3. Collect any fees that will be charged for VBS or any extras such as T-shirts or lunches, through the registration process.

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Sneak Peak of Count Me In Event Registration

We started our Beta Test of Count Me In on March 1st  and expect to go live the beginning of April.  Count Me In is an easy and affordable  online application that  allows you to create custom event registration pages, accept payments and sync with Roll Call.



Easy Event Definition

It’s super easy to define your event in Count Me In.  You simply give us the details… the name, date, location of the event.  You can also create sub-events.  Sub-events are perfect for those events where people are signing up for different sessions or shifts.

You’ll define the ticket – this could be free or paid.  You can also define any add-ons, for example, CDs or Tshirts.

Registration Fields

For each event, you decide if you need to capture individual registrations for each ticket.  If you do, then we allow you to set what fields should be included on the registration form.  We have a set of standard fields.  But we allow you to create your own fields as well.

Web Page

With the customize section in Count Me In, you can create beautiful event pages.  We give you the flexibility to set background image or color, a header image or color and create the body of the web page.

Publish the Event

When you are pleased with the look of the web page and are ready to go live, you simply publish the event.  We provide you with a URL that can be used from your website, email invitation or social media platforms.

Accept Payments

To accept payments for events, you’ll need to create a Stripe account.  It’s extremely easy to set up … it only takes a couple of minutes.  Then you’ll enter your API keys from Stripe into Count Me In.

Sync with Roll Call

You’ll be able to easily pull in your event and attendee information into your Roll Call Database.  Once you have the event sync’d you’ll be able to perform check in for that Event.

Use your ChMS to help Manage Church Growth

With so much data available in your church management software, how can you harness that to help manage church growth and engagement? From tracking visitor follow ups to understanding how folks are involved in your congregation to determining who might be falling through the cracks … your system can help.

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Visitor Follow Up with Roll Call

So, the last several weeks we’ve walked through how to set up and run your child check-in stations for Vacation Bible School. With supposing you had a very successful week, it’s now time to follow up on all those visitors who attended!

How to find your visitors for follow up:
By using Roll Call as your child check in station, and by using the ADD VISITOR button to add new people to your database, Roll Call has been tracking their attendance and can give you a report of your first, second, third time (and so forth) visitors. To get this report:

1. Go to Attendance>Reports and click on VISITOR report. By default, on the right side under selected will be the association of visitor.
2. Keep the report at FIRST TIME VISITOR to find those visitors and make the appropriate week ending date selection. What this date means, is that it is looking back from the date you entered and finding any individuals who came for the first time since that date.
3. Press GENERATE.

Following up with a mailing:
1. From this FIRST TIME VISITOR REPORT you can select the WRITE LETTER on the left to write a personalized letter to each person in your list. When you select WRITE LETTER, you will have options on how to address your letter (to the entire family or the individual).
2. When you have your letter completed press PRINT MERGE to send your letters to the printer.
3. Next, you can also do this same query, press GENERATE and this time instead press the CREATE LABELS button. This will be mailing labels where you can use the Avery 5160/8160 style.

Following up with an email:
Or, if you’d rather save on stamps, email is a great and easy way to follow up with visitors. Before you begin, make sure you have your email set up in Roll Call (click here to learn how to do that), and also that each of your visitors has an email in their record. You will need to decide if you are going to send to the family email, personal email or both. To follow up with an email,
1. Do the same query as above, but this time, after you press GENERATE, select the EMAIL option. One option is to EMAIL the people in the list. Choose that one to begin writing up your email.
2. Press SEND when you’ve completed writing it up.

Following up with a text:
Roll Call has two ways to follow up with texts. One is through Roll Call, in which you must have email set up (for DIRECTOR) as well as a text carrier provider with each cell number you wish to send a text to. The other is through NEXMO, which is a text service that Roll Call works with that you can set up at a nominal cost. Click here to learn more about NEXMO. To send your texts, once you have one or the other set up…
1. You can go through the VISITOR report query (same as above), and click on GENERATE. Next, you will select the SAVE SET button on the right. Give the set a name and save it to your desktop.
2. Close this area of Roll Call, and go back to PEOPLE>SEARCH PROFILES. From here, go to the top of the page and select GET SET. Find the set of visitors that you saved. They will pull in when you select OPEN.
3. From here, select the TEXT icon in the upper left of the SEARCH PROFILES to begin writing up your text. Press OK to send.

Following up with a home or phone visit:
To begin…
1. Print off visitation logs that can be filled out by going to People>Reports.
2. Select your criteria and generate your list of visitation logs.
3. If needed, go into their record and click on the web map on their record to check the address and location, if you plan on visiting in person.
4. When you are through with your home visits (or if you simply made a call), you can log this information quite simply in Roll Call. Go into People>Search Profiles. Click on VISITATION. Press the plus sign. Enter the information of who was visited, the caller, what type of visit and any details you wish to include in this visit. Press save and close. visitor followup
5. To print a list of your visits, press the PRINT icon at the top of the VISITATION page. Or, if you want to see the details of what you included in your log, go to PEOPLE>REPORTS and select the VISITATION HISTORY REPORT. Select the criteria for your report and press GENERATE.

Now you can feel good about not only a successful week of VBS, but also your follow up with all the new visitors who attended!