Gathering Contact Information

The first step in any follow up plan needs to be gathering contact information.  It’s impossible to follow up with someone if you don’t have their address, phone or email.  So how do you capture this information?  Many churches use a visitor registration cards.  The information from these visitor cards can be entered directly into Roll Call, so that the information can be shared with your entire follow up team.  The new Add Family screen in version 13 is a simplified form that can be customized to capture that information you have on your cards.

An easy way to capture visitor contact information is through the child check in system.  As visitors arrive to check their children in, you can click on the ADD VISITOR button to capture their names, address, phone and email address.  This information is then instantly available through Roll Call.  Here’s a short video demo.

Do you have a visitor information kiosk?  Why not have your volunteers manning that station use Mobile CheckIn on a tablet to capture visitor information directly into Roll Call.



There are various statistics related to church growth that indicate the importance of follow up communication with your visitors.  According to, the visitor retention rate is highest when you follow up within 48 hours of their visit.

Each church has their own visitor follow up plan.  Some send a first time visitor letter.  Did you know that Roll Call has a built in word processer?  You can save your letter as a template and re-use it each week.  Here’s how.

Some churches will use  pre-printed post cards which they’ll send to the kids who visited.  The teacher will jot a note on the card.  Then they use Roll Call to print the mailing labels.  Here’s how.

Maybe your church would like to send out an email.  That can be accomplished in Roll Call as well. 


Visitation Notes

Many churches also incorporate phone calls or home visits into their visitor follow up process.  Wouldn’t it be nice a summary of these visits could be shared with the entire follow up team?  Roll Call has a variety of methods for tracking visitations.

Roll Call administrative users can enter visitation notes in a person’s profile.  Staff,  using Roll Call Connect, can also enter visitation notes while they are out on the road through their mobile devices.  Now that the notes are incorporated into the Roll Call database, users will be able to see the history of visitations for a specific person.


Have they returned?

If you are tracking attendance with Roll Call, you’ll be able to identify those folks that have come back a second, third or fourth time.  This can be incorporated into your follow up plans.  For example what actions should be taken after a visitor has returned for a second time.  You can also use this information as a metric for visitor retention rates.

To view a listing of these returning visitors, you’ll want to run the Visitor report.  Here’s a short video on creating that visitor report.


Track Assimilation Process

How does your church track the progression of a visitor to a fully engaged member of your church?  Each of the steps in the process can be tracked in Roll Call through the use of custom fields.  For example, if you churches’ flow is as follows:

  1. First time visit
  2. Attends luncheon with pastor
  3. Baptism
  4. Attends membership class
  5. Joins small groups


In this example, I would create custom fields to track the date a person first visited, the date they attended the pastors lunch, the date they became baptized, the date participated in the membership class and the date they joined the small group.  Here’s a short video on creating custom fields.

If your assimilation process is a series of classes, I would recommend tracking each of those classes as a group in Roll Call.  Here’s how you can​ create groups.


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