Roll Call as Youth Ministry Software Part 1

Roll Call as Youth Ministry Software

I was a youth minister for a number of years before coming to work for By the Book. As becoming fully trained in the utilization of Roll Call, I can only ponder how wonderful it would have been to have this useful tool as our youth ministry software so many years ago.  Here’s a glimpse of some of the areas of Roll Call I would’ve had used to enhance my youth ministry…

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By the Book is 9 in Capterra’s Top 20

Thank you for making Roll Call (and By the Book, Inc.) climb the ranks of the top 20 most popular church management software providers! We are now at number 9 and would not be where we are without you. We truly value all feedback on our software and services.

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Save Time and Money by Allowing Online Access to Year End Giving Statements

How nice would it be not to have to worry about printing and mailing the year end contribution statements?  Through the Roll Call Connect add-on product, you can give your congregation the flexibility to log in to your Roll Call web portal to view their giving history as well as print off their own statement for tax purposes.

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Roll Call and Mac OS X El Capitan

Mac OS X El Capitan

For a long time now, Roll Call has been accustomed to running on both Mac and Windows machines. That’s part of what makes it a great fit for so many churches and non-profits. It’s flexible and allows you to pick the operating system that you’re comfortable with while retaining all the great features of the Roll Call software.

With the new release of Mac OS X, dubbed “El Capitan,” Mac users are probably pretty excited for a few new features of their own. I’ll go over a few highlights of the update and throw my take on them here, along with if you should take the plunge.

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Handle Ministry Emails with Roll Call

Dont let your roll call emails be sent to spam

Did you know that you can send Emails from Roll Call?

Each user account created in Administration > User Security can be provisioned to have its own email sending server much like you would set up within Outlook or Apple Mail*.

Note: Not all Email Services are created equal. There are some that may not play nice with Roll Call. For the most part, even free accounts like Yahoo and Gmail will send email from Roll Call if configured properly.

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Increase Church Productivity with Slack

slack chat makes communication and productivity simple

Figuring out how to use available technology to benefit your ministry and boost church productivity can be tough. It’s a bit hard to keep up with new technology. That’s pretty much a given in today’s tech climate. That’s why today I’m going to focus our attention to a fantastic tool that can help organize your church communications and move your attention away from your email inbox to something different, efficient, and fun.

That something is called Slack.

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How Roll Call Connect can help your Small Group Ministry

Roll Call Connect is a web based integration tool for your church.  It allows your staff and congregation access to some core features of Roll Call through a browser on their home computer, tablet or smartphone.  There are some unique features of Connect that give your Small Groups the ability to stay in touch with each other as well as the tools for your church to understand who is actively involved in those groups.

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Should your church upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows 10

As with any software upgrade, your church will need to consider the costs versus the benefits of upgrading. At first glance it appears there is no cost to upgrading for “most users”. However, you must consider whether or not the software you use like your church management software, presentation software, graphics programs, word processor and spreadsheets will run on that operating system. I would highly recommend contacting the publishing companies to find out before you click that “upgrade now” button. Another area to consider is any driver upgrades (video or printer) that might be required. Again be sure to check with your vendor to see if those drivers will be compatible with Windows 10.

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