Roll Call Connect is a web interface for Roll Call.  It allows your staff to look up contact information while they are out on the road from their mobile devices.  They can also view contribution & attendance summaries.  Connect can also be opened up to your congregation.  This would allow them to update their profile information, give online,  print giving statements and view membership rosters.

Roll Call Connect - Dashboard


We have completely re-written the user interface for version 13 Connect.  We expect to release this version in the Spring (hopefully the end of April beginning of May).  Here’s a sneak peak at some of the enhancements.

Staff Features:

  • Customize the dashboard to display the reports they are interested in
  • Search for families
  • Add members to families and update profile information
  • Record visitations
  • Enter Confidential Comments

Congregation Features:

  • Update their profile information
  • Add members to their family
  • View giving information and print a giving statement
  • Give online (one time and recurring)
  • View group rosters
  • Record group/class attendance if they are a leader


Roll Call Connect - Profile


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