So, it’s time to start planning for VBS.  Not only do you need to find the perfect curriculum, you need to get organized.  How will you keep track of the children that will be attending?  What about their allergies?  Who is allowed to pick them up?  Check out these 5 ways that Roll Call can help you get organized and ready for your VBS this summer.

  1. Track all that information you need for each child.
    I know it’s tempting to put everything in a spreadsheet, but there are many advantages to entering the child’s information in Roll Call.

    • Its stored in a central database, so the information can be shared across your team
    • Easy to pull lists based on a common characteristic.  For example, give me a list of my 3rd graders.
    • Use the database to track the information you need for VBS, for example emergency contact information, allergies, authorized person’s for pick-up
  2. Enroll the Child in their specific Class/Group
    At this point you can create all your specific VBS classes and groups.  You’ll be able to indicate who the leader of the class will be, what days it meets and the location of the class.  Once the group is defined in Roll Call, you can enroll each child in the appropriate group when they register for VBS.For more information on setting up groups/classes check out these video tutorials.
  3. Use the Check In System to Track Kids as they Arrive
    It certainly can be mayhem as everyone starts to arrive for class.  You can certainly streamline this process by using Roll Call’s check in system.  When the parent arrives, they can check their child into VBS and the system will record that they are there … and print off a name tag for the child.  You could also choose to print parent tags if you’d like for pickup.You may also have folks that just show up the first morning.  Use the ADD VISITOR button to capture their contact information and get them registered and checked in quickly.Once everyone is checked in, you can print off a roster for each teacher with a list of children that have checked into their class.  If your teachers have a tablet or smartphone, they could get this roster online with Mobile Check In.For more information on setting up and using the check in system,  check out these video tutorials.
  4. Use the System to Check Kids out of their ClassesAt the end of the day, you’ll also want to make sure the children are leaving with the person that is authorized to pick them up.  There are several methods that can be used to accomplish this.  The first would be the use of the parent pick up tag.  When you check the child in, you can print a parent tag with a security number on it.  You would only release the child to the person who presents that tag.Another method would be to record the names of the people that are authorized to pick each child up.  Then when you use the system to record check out, it will prompt you to indicate which person is picking the child up.
  5. Follow up Communication
    So, do you send an email to the parents letting them know what was discussed during class?  Or maybe you want to invite visitor families to your church?  Roll Call can be used to facilitate communications between your team and the parents/children that have attended VBS.  It can be used to send letters, emails or even texts.

Check out these video tutorials on communication with groups.


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