Whether your children’s ministry uses the manual sign in rosters or the live check in system in Roll Call, here are several tips for making promotion Sunday run more smoothly.

1. Use the grade field

In version 13 of the software, we introduced a grade field in a person’s profile record.  This field can indicate what grade in school a child is in.  If you have not started utilizing this field yet, I would highly recommend it.  You can use the bulk changes area to update children’s grade to get started.

Roll Call church software showing grade field


Here’s how you can set the initial grade:

  1. Select Bulk Changes under the People menu
  2. Choose General from under the Bulk Changes menu
  3. In the Change For column, choose the field Grade
  4. Enter the New Value … for example if you are running this for your first graders, enter the new value as 1
  5. In the Run For area, you need to choose Search Database. Then do a query based on the date range of birthdates for your first graders.

You’ll want to repeat this process for all your grade levels.  Once you have the grade levels set, it will be very easy to run the Graduate utility to promote them to the next grade level each year.

2. Use the age or grade range preference for all your classes

Also in version 13 we introduced a grade range for classes or groups.  By indicating that a certain class is for a certain grade range, the church check in system can recommend a class for a child based on their age or grade level.  This comes in very handy at graduation time, the system can evaluate what grade a child is in, then determine if they need to move up a class.

Roll Call church software grade field in profile screen

3. Use the graduate utility

Roll Call church management software now provides a utility that will first ask for the date by which a child must turn 5 to attend kindergarten.  It will then update all those children by putting a K as their grade.  Next it will evaluate all the grades and bump them by 1.  Once the grades are all updated, Roll Call will look at all the classes to determine if anyone needs to be bumped to a new class based on their age or new grade level.  Here is a video tutorial on running the graduation utility.

4. Review the changes

It is advisable to review all the changes that have occurred so there are no surprises Sunday morning.  Check the grades for your children.  The utility won’t know if parents decided not to send their child to kindergarten or if a child was held back.  You can manually go in and correct the grade in those cases.

Next, review all the classes to make sure that the children were moved from class to class correctly.

5.  Train your children’s ministry/ church volunteers

The best thing you can do to make sure graduation Sunday goes smoothly is to have well trained volunteers.  Make sure they understand how the system works.  Make sure they know how to change what class a child will get checked into if needed.  Make sure they completely understand how to check in visitors.  A volunteer who really knows the system will go a long way to keeping those lines short.

Here is a video series on how to perform the check ins, that you may want to pass on to your volunteers.  Or better yet, hold a short training session that will go over how your church has implemented the check in system and procedures you’d like them to use for checking in students.


In addition to supporting churches that use Roll Call, Kim enjoys being a parent to two amazing teenagers alongside her husband, David (who happens to also work within shouting distance). She may be spotted in the wild hiking, biking, skiing or snowshoeing.