Roll Call Connect is a web based integration tool for your church.  It allows your staff and congregation access to some core features of Roll Call through a browser on their home computer, tablet or smartphone.  There are some unique features of Connect that give your Small Groups the ability to stay in touch with each other as well as the tools for your church to understand who is actively involved in those groups.

Small Group Leaders can easily communicate with the group

Email options for small group leader


Roll Call Connect allows your small group leaders to have access to some of the contact information of those small group members.  They’ll be able to access that information from a browser on their home computer or tablet as well as on the road on their smart phone.  This will give them the flexibility of logging in and looking up someone’s phone number, getting directions to their house or sending emails to one or members of the group.




Group Leaders can record attendance for their meetingssmart phone screen to record attendance


If your church wants to keep track of who is actively involved in a group, you can open up the record attendance portion of Roll Call Connect.  This will allow the small group leader to log into their Roll Call Connect account and view a roster of their small group members.  From here they can choose to record attendance for a specific date.  Once you have that attendance information, your church will be able to run all kinds of reports to determine who is actually participating in the group.





Group Members can have access to contact information for the group

smartphone screen for small group roster


Roll Call Connect will also allow small group members to connect with each other through their Connect account.  They will be able to log in a view the roster for their specific group.  From within that roster, they’ll be able to get directions to someone’s house, make a call (if they are on a smartphone) or send emails to the group.


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