In part 1 we learned about groups and all the custom fields we can use from Roll Call to easily track all the different facets of our youth ministry. We had a specific example of a segment of our youth that would soon be travelling to Mexico for a mission trip. Let’s say now you’re about ready to embark on that mission trip… but you first need to get those t shirts ordered and you also need a list of all those fundraisers and who raised what.

Create a Specific Group Members Report

Both lists would be easy to obtain, and you do it practically the same way. Go into Groups, and click on Group Reports. Next, click on Group Members and choose your Mexico Mission trip group. Look up from there and your will see a Criteria tab and a Columns tab. From the criteria tab, select ‘’within each group’’. This will help you view the specific columns that you’ve added to your group. Next, click on the Columns tab. For the t shirt report, you’d probably want to see a first name, last name, and t-shirt size. You can find first and last name under the people area. You can find the member custom field under Group Members tab. It will not change its title in this particular list, so select the member custom fields (1, 2, 3, etc…) that you know you changed the names on in the group itself. Next, click Generate.



Create A Different Group Members Report

In our next report (steps are similar to previous report), we need to know who has been participating in all the fundraisers and how much each youth has raised. Go to Groups and Group reports. Click on Group Members.  Select the group and select ‘’within each group’’ under the Criteria tab. Under Columns, begin by selecting the first and last name, and then all the fundraiser events (under the Groups columns dropdown), which will actually be listed as member custom field 1, 2, etc… After you generate, you’ll be able to figure out how much each youth raised for their trip. You can also pull this report easily into Excel to add it all up for you if you like that sort of thing, too. After you click on Generate, select CUSTOMIZE. Go up to File Save as and select to save as a .txt (tab formatted text) file.  Open up Excel, and select File > Open. Change the default in Excel from looking for only excel files to ALL FILES and select your .txt. Press NEXT, NEXT, FINISH to pull it in and work on it further from an Excel standpoint.

Get a List of Profiles with Custom Data

Lastly, we want a youth ministry report that shows if our youth have their passports and immunizations for the trip. Remember that we kept this information in their specific profiles. To create this report, Go into Search Profiles and go to Reports > My reports. Under Criteria, change it to groups, and select Mexico Mission group. For the columns, you can find them by scrolling down through your options on the left. Because you’ve created a title called passport and immunizations, you should see those there listed there. Click on them to select them and generate when you are finished. In part 3, we’ll learn about Attendance and Follow-up. Another great way to use Roll Call as youth ministry software.

In cased you missed it…


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