So, you‘ve taken up the call to youth ministry!  I’m sure you’d agree that an important part of being able an effective youth minister is to track the youth attendance and follow up with them. Roll Call can help you do this by taking attendance at all your youth functions. You can see whose coming and who’s going. Track not only them but also the friends they bring. You can easily keep in touch with texts, emails, and mailings. Roll Call is here for you every step of the way!

Take Attendance with Roll Call

Track Birthdays in Roll CallWhen it comes to taking attendance for an older groups of kids, such as in youth ministry, most youth ministers opt out of printing name tags like in the children’s ministries. They simply want a quick glimpse of who’s attending.  Roll Call’s Mobile CheckIn can be a great asset for this, as it offers group checkin on ipads and iphones. Check-in from mobile devices like iPad and iPhoneOr, you can stick with the desktop checkin and have the youth check themselves in using keytags, a phone number, or a last name.


As I mentioned earlier in Part 1, Roll Call can easily be utilized to write letters or send texts or emails. We all know that every youth nowadays carries a cell phone. What a perfect opportunity to send them words of encouragement or bible verses! It can be done as a group text or individual… and it’s such a breeze! For the group (after your email settings have been set up in Roll Call), just click on your group to open it up and select the Text icon at the top. Write your text and send! … Same for the email. It’s so easy now to keep in touch with the youth and it only takes a few seconds to make an impact on their lives. Roll Call does require that you not only have the cell phone number of the youth, but also the carrier of their cell service. This is because Roll Call actually is sending the texts over the internet via email. If you’d rather not deal with getting that data from them, consider NEXMO.  Nexmo is another option we have for emailing and texting and sends the message as a true SMS text message. Click here to learn more about NEXMO.

Track Birthdays

Roll Call birthday reports are easyBirthdays are also a great day to contact your youth. Roll Call offers a birthday report to keep you on top of all that.
Go to People > reports > Birthday Report. Select the month or week for your report, and press generate.

From here you can follow up with an email or a print the report for a later date.

In part 4, you’ll learn about how  your youth ministry can be enhanced using Roll Call Connect. Connect will be most helpful with keeping in touch, attendance, follow-up, and more using your smartphone.

In cased you missed it…


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