During the Christmas season, we open up our hearts and homes to family, friends and sometimes complete strangers and share what Christmas means to us as Christians.  Christmas is a season of giving.  God the Father gave his only Son to us – the ultimate gift!  Jesus gave up His heavenly seat to dwell among us – the ultimate sacrifice!

As Christians, we are called to be generous with our time, talents and treasure – not just during the Christmas season, but all year long.  We are children of a Heavenly Father who has given so generously to us and has commanded us to give generously to others.

I write this to you who have given your time and talents generously throughout the year. Some of you have been in the foreground working tirelessly to advance your ministries as you have been led.  Many of you are in the background, working quietly behind the scenes, making a real difference in your church.  In this age of consumerism, people don’t think about the effort it takes to run a ministry.  Many times you don’t receive any acknowledgment or recognition for your efforts.  Many of you have spent long hours away from family sometimes wondering if it is worth it.  Does anyone care?  Does it matter?  Is it making a difference?  Some of you receive immediate feedback that your efforts are having an impact.  Others might not know for years to come.  Others won’t know this side of Heaven.

To all of you I want to say “Thank You”.  Thank you on behalf of the whole body of Christ.  Your hard work and sacrifices are truly appreciated.  Remember, nothing we do on this earth goes unnoticed in Heaven.

May you have a blessed Christmas.

David Conley
President, By The Book, Inc.


Leading the charge in this mighty software battle, David wields the sword of programming and shield of database knowledge. He also enjoys cleaning gutters, picking up the yard, fixing things and other fatherly duties. He and his wife Kim, cheer for the Broncos when possible.