Here’s a checklist of items that should be addressed by your ministry teams, so that Roll Call will run smoothly for your Easter services.

Child Check-in

  1. Will you be adding additional service times for Easter?  If so, remember to add those as new sessions for all your groups that you check people into.  Here’s how:
    1. Go to Groups>Search on the left side menu
    2. Double click on the specific group you need to change
    3. Click on Sessions tab
    4. Click the plus sign to add your new session(s)
  2. Do you record worship service atttendance or perform check in for Services?  If you are adding additional services for Holy Week, make sure to add those into Roll Call.  Here’s how:
    1. Go to Service>Add a Service
    2. Give the service a name
    3. Change the meeting day to reflect the correct day
    4. Move the applicable associations to the SELECTED column.
  3. Do you have enough of a Roll Call capacity license to handle your increase in visitors? You can double check by looking at your license under File>Enter License, then checking how many people you currently have in the database by going to People>Search Profiles. There is a number in the upper right that shows how many people are in your database (ie. 100/100)
  4. Do you have enough label stock to accomodate all your visitors?  You can order more here.


Do you have special giving funds during this Easter season? You can add additional funds by going to Contributions>Giving Funds and selecting the plus sign to add your new fund.

Visitor Follow-up

Did you know that you can use Roll Call to help facilitate visitor follow-up?  After Easter, run a First time visitor report:

  1. Go to Attendance>Reports.
  2. Click on Visitor Report. Choose the columns tab to select more columns like phone numbers or addresses.
  3. Select GENERATE to view the list of your first time visitors since the date you selected.
  4. From here you can email your visitors or create a letter to send out to them and invite them back! You could also print your list to give to your follow up team!

From all of us here at By the Book, have a blessed Easter season!


Caroline enjoys being a wife and mom to three… a son in college, a daughter in high school, and another daughter in middle school. Besides attending their numerous sports and music activities, she enjoys rooting for the Chicago Bears with her husband and taking adventurous vacations with her family to various parts of the U.S. each year.