You’re ready! It’s time! VBS is here! You have made the barcode badges, set up your check in stations, your groups have sessions, and the kids are enrolled in the groups. Here they come!  What now?

For the computer station when you are going to check kids in that have pre-enrolled, you’ll do the following:

  1. Launch Roll Call and log in as the check in user that has rapid check-in/return by individual selected in order to do your barcode badges check in at one station.
  2. Child arrives at check in station… volunteer asks name of child, finds the badge/lanyard and scans it. Puts lanyard on the child and scoots him/her off to class.
  3. If you want a list of children to give to your teachers, you can print that after everyone is checked in by going to Administration>Print Check-In Roster.
  4. End of day, child arrives at checkout counter where the badge/lanyard is scanned again and returned to put away until tomorrow.

What about the visitors and kids with no badges or lanyards? It’s recommended you have a separate check in station for your visitors and non-registered children to keep the flow of registered children going. Consider having a dymo printer at this station as well, so that you can put a nametag on this child for the day, even sticking it on a lanyard, so that when they return it at the end of the day, you know which ones need real lanyards done before the beginning of the next day.

At this station, log into your check in user that has ADD VISITOR selected.

  1. Press ADD VISITOR for your non-registered child.
  2. Fill in whatever information you want to capture on them…only their name and gender is required.

visitor screen

  1. Check the child into the class you wish them to be in by pressing the EDIT button, and choosing that class and send them to their class.
  2. Take a quick picture of the child for the barcode badge (if you put pictures on them), that you will be able to create later on for them, and add it to their profile.
  3. Drag and drop that picture into their individual profile picture area.
  4. When all the visitors are checked in for the day, switch user and log in as director and go to People>Print Badges. Run through the print badge wizard to make badges for your new visitor. (Make sure their pictures have been added first). You can have these ready for them at the beginning of the next day, or at check-out time for the current day.

Next week we will discuss ways to follow up with your new visitors!


Caroline enjoys being a wife and mom to three… a son in college, a daughter in high school, and another daughter in middle school. Besides attending their numerous sports and music activities, she enjoys rooting for the Chicago Bears with her husband and taking adventurous vacations with her family to various parts of the U.S. each year.

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