With so much data available in your church management software, how can you harness that to help manage church growth and engagement? From tracking visitor follow ups to understanding how folks are involved in your congregation to determining who might be falling through the cracks … your system can help.

Identify Visitors

add-visitorIdentifying your visitors is a big challenge. Many folks who visit your church aren’t going to fill out that visitor card the first or second time they attend. However, if they are dropping off their children in Sunday school, they will be much more willing to give you their contact information. By implementing the child check in system in your ChMS, you will be able to capture visitor information as your check their children into Sunday school.

Visitor Follow Up

How does your church handle visitor follow up activities? Do you send out a letter to your first time visitors? Do you send them an email or set up a visit with the pastor after they come several times? Much of this activity can be accomplished using your church management software. For example, in Roll Call you can run a first time visitor report and kick off the mail merge letter for first time visitors. Or you can run the second time visitor report and email it to the pastor … so he can make the appropriate phone calls.

Track Engagement

worship-attendanceYou can also use your church software to understand how engaged people are in your church. Are they attending regularly? Are they involved in adult bible studies or small groups? Many church software packages allow you to record attendance for worship services as well as group and class meetings. Although this can be hard to capture, it is truly the best way to determine who is attending regularly and understand what they are coming to. There are some automated ways to help facilitate the capture of attendance. Some churches that use Roll Call, use the check in system and have people scan a keytag as they come into worship service. Others have the ushers use a tablet to mark off attendance for folks they see arriving. Even if capturing attendance is not feasible, you can certainly track who has signed up for specific classes or groups.

absent-prestOnce you have this information, you’ll be able to dissect it in a variety of ways:

* Attendance head count trending – are there in fact more people attending from week to week?
* Who is getting involved – understand who your regular attenders are. What events are they attending?
* Is anyone sliding out the back door – find those folks who haven’t attended in awhile

Don’t just use your church management tools to enter lots of information. Use all that information to really understand how your church is growing and how engaged people are. So how do you use the information available in your ChMS? Let us know.


In addition to supporting churches that use Roll Call, Kim enjoys being a parent to two amazing teenagers alongside her husband, David (who happens to also work within shouting distance). She may be spotted in the wild hiking, biking, skiing or snowshoeing.

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