The administration of VBS can be a challenge.  Who is coming?  What allergies do they have?  How many classrooms are we going to need?  What if they bring a guest … and on and on it goes.  But there are great tools out there to help you with your VBS event registration and check in processes.

Online Event Registration – so you know who’s coming.

  1. Use Count Me In as your registration system. This will allow parents to pre-register their kids for VBS.
  2. Set up the registration form within Count Me In to capture all the information you need such as name, age, emergency contact information, medical release information, allergies etc. Now you have it online and you won’t need to fumble through stacks of paper!
  3. Collect any fees that will be charged for VBS or any extras such as T-shirts or lunches, through the registration process.

Now you know who is coming, have all their information and all fees are paid.

When VBS starts you need a way to determine who has checked in.  You need a way to handle folks that did not pre-register.  And you need a smooth check out procedure.

Check In System – so you know who has arrived

  1. During your VBS registration period, sync the Count Me In data with Roll Call. This will create those events in Roll Call and also pull in the registrants for each event.
  2. Use Roll Call’s check in capability to check each attendee into VBS. You’ll be able to print off a name tag, a parent tag for pick up if you’d like and see a roster of who is checked in.
  3. For those folks who didn’t pre-register, you’ll be able to check them in using the add visitor function.
  4. You can use the parent pick up tags if you’d like for check out. If the security numbers match, you know you can release the child.  Alternately, you can use Roll Call to actually record the time they check out and if you’d like … who checked them out.

Roll Call can also help with your volunteer communications.  Consider setting up all your volunteers in a group.  Then it is super easy send a quick email or text to let them know about schedules, changes or any type of notification.

Praying you have a wonderful VBS this year,  and that using Count Me In and Roll Call will make the administration of your VBS much easier.


In addition to supporting churches that use Roll Call, Kim enjoys being a parent to two amazing teenagers alongside her husband, David (who happens to also work within shouting distance). She may be spotted in the wild hiking, biking, skiing or snowshoeing.