Times are a changing, aren’t they?  We don’t go to the post office anymore.   Families with land lines are few and far between.  And when is the last time you saw a 25 year old write a check?  More and more people are paying their bills online.  They are going to want the same flexibility to give online too.

Giving online is a widely accepted option for many non-profits.  Here’s an overview of 5 companies that provide great online giving options.


Tithe.ly  offers 5 ways to give with their platform:  a mobile giving app, text to give, online giving, kiosk and admin gift entry.  They do not require any contracts or merchant accounts.  You can go live within minutes.   Their reviews are also off the charts –  5 stars.

Pushpay/Echurch offers online giving through your organization’s website, a custom mobile app, text to give, kiosk and check scanning.  Echurch reviews on Capterra were also very good at 4.5 stars.

Vanco  in addition to the typical, website, mobile app, kiosk & text options, vanco also offers a swipe option.  This would allow you to accept payments for merchandise or tickets at events.  Capterra reviews averaged 3.5 stars.

EasyTithe also offers online giving through your organizations website, mobile app, text to give and kiosk.  They even have facebook app integration that you can add to your facebook page. Their solutions are designed specifically for churches.  Third party review sites range from 2 – 3.5 stars.  They do have extensive reviews published on their site.

SimpleGive offers the flexibility to online giving, mobile app, text to give and Kiosk giving.  They do not require any contracts. I was only able to find 1 third party review and it was a good one for 5 stars.

Each of these solutions would allow you to export the contribution information.  You’ll be able to easily import that information into Roll Call.  Here is a how to video on importing contributions.

Let us know what you are using for your online giving platform and how it’s going.



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