One of the new features that will be available in Roll Call Connect with Version 15 is the ability to provide your staff and congregation with an online directory.  What a great way to help your membership connect with each other.


The Roll Call Connect administrator will have complete control over who can view the directory as well as who should be included in the directory.  Any information marked as unlisted in a person’s profile will not be displayed in the online directory.

Online Directory

Here’s an example of what the directory would look like.  The directory can include photos,  family names, address, home phone, cell phone and email address.


Interest Area Directories

If you have different interest areas set up as Keywords in Roll Call, your congregation will be able to drill down in the directory and see who has a common interest and connect with them.  You also have the flexibility to indicate which “interests” you wish to have as options for the directory.

Next month we’ll take a look at the Tracks feature coming in Version 15.  Tracks will allow you to automate and better manage your assimilation and discipleship processes.


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