The tracks portion of Roll Call version 15 will allow you to better manage and facilitate your visitor follow up, assimilation and discipleship processes.

First Time Visitor Follow up Example

Let’s take a look at how you might use this functionality. Imagine you have a First Time Visitor process. Once a family comes for the first time, you send them a text message the day after they come. Then the pastor gives them a call that next week. Maybe you also send them an email inviting them back.

You could set up a track called First Time Visitor Follow up. That track would have three steps … the text, pastor call and email.


Visitor follow up track assignment


Depending on how your organization would like to set this up, the system can handle much of this process automatically. If you record attendance, Roll Call will know that this family attended for the first time. If you set the track up to assign automatically, Roll Call will assign the track to that family.  Many of the steps can also be handled by the system. For example, we could send out the text and email automatically. The step for the pastor’s call, would show up in the pastor’s to-do list.

Automatic or Manual Assignment to Tracks

If preferred, you can manually assign a person or family to a track. You’d simply go into their profile and assign them to the “First Time Visitor” track.


manually assign tracks in roll call

In addition to attendance, Roll Call can automatically assign people to tracks based on the following events:

  • Someone gave for the first, second, third time
  • Someone completed a track
  • Someone completed a class
  • An entry was made to a custom field (made a commitment to Christ, Baptism Date, etc)
  • Someone has not attended in so many weeks

New Todo Lists based on Track Assignments

Roll Call can help your staff stay on track (pardon the pun) with the follow up activities they are responsible for. When they log into Roll Call, their dashboard will display all the to-dos assigned to them with a due date. If the person responsible, does not use Roll Call, they can access to their to-do list through  Roll Call Connect. Roll Call will also alert the assigned leaders regarding any overdue to-dos.


Todo lists visible in Roll Call dashboard

Tracks can also help facilitate communication within your staff. Each track and step leader will be able to enter notes regarding progress on a step. For example, if the pastor was assigned a step to call a person. He can enter notes about how that conversation went. Your staff that has access to tracks will also be able to view those notes.


view track notes


So, how do you plan on using Tracks? Let us know what you think.


In addition to supporting churches that use Roll Call, Kim enjoys being a parent to two amazing teenagers alongside her husband, David (who happens to also work within shouting distance). She may be spotted in the wild hiking, biking, skiing or snowshoeing.

2 Comments » for Coming Soon – Version 15 Tracks
  1. Donna Walker says:

    Hi – Are visitors counted as a member. We get quite a few visitors who done’t return and I am reluctant to add them into the database if they are counted as a member. We have the 500 member option

    • Josh says:

      Hi Donna,
      Yes. Visitors are counted as a record in the database. You could run an attendance (or possibly another) report to see if they’ve not attended or have not given for a certain amount of time. And if not, then you could remove them from the database. Hope that helps.
      Feel free to give us a call with any questions as well.