I would say that the majority of our Mobile Check In customers are using it in a traditional manner.  They’ve set up kiosks with tablets as their check in stations.  The parents come up to the tablet, scan a keytag or enter their name/phone then tap to check their children into Sunday school.  Then name tags and parent tags are printed out on the Brother wireless printers.

There are also a variety of other ways that Mobile Check In can speed up your check in process and improve the accuracy of your attendance data.  Here are a few:

Mobilize your Volunteers

If there’s a big rush and your check in lines are getting too long, why not have your volunteers use their phones to get more folks checked in.  They could go out into the line, ask for names and get the children checked in.

Another great way to reduce those lines would be to have volunteers standing in different entry points throughout your church.  They could get the children checked in, and send them to a printing station to pick up the name tags.  Check out our training series on setting up mobile check in.

Youth Group Check In

You and I both know that teenagers aren’t going to wear those name tags.  But you still want to know who is attending, right?  In this scenario, consider using Mobile Check In to record attendance by group.  When you log into Mobile Check In, you can pick which group you’d like to record attendance for.  Then it will give you a roster, simply tap the check mark to the right of their name to record their attendance. You can also use this method to check them out when they leave.

Learn more about how to check students in and out using Mobile Check In by Group.

Bus Routes or Field Trips

If you have your Roll Call database hosted or you have internet port forwarding set up on your network, you’ll be able to use Mobile Check In outside your church building.  A great use for this is for bus ministries.  You can set up your Mobile Check In user to perform check in by Keyword.  Then assign each child a keyword that corresponds to their bus route.  The drive can log on using a tablet or a phone and check children into their appropriate Sunday school class.  The name tags will be printed and ready when they arrive.

Mobile Checkin can could also be used on field trips.  Check those students in as they hop on the bus.  This is a great way to know exactly who you are responsible for.  Check out our video tutorial on using Mobile Check In by Keyword.

Record Attendance for Worship Service

Does your church keep track of worship service attendance?  It’s hard to get people to fill this those pew pads or the connection cards isn’t it.  What if you have volunteers in different sections recording attendance as they see people arrive?  This could be done, by setting up a Mobile Check In user to “check in by service”.  Each volunteer would sign in, then choose the  service they are recording attendance for.  Then they simply check in the entire family, or only mark certain family members.


Check Out in Classroom

Another way to use Mobile Check In would be to perform check out in the classroom.  This would work great especially if you want to record exactly who is picking the child up.  In Roll Call you would need to enter the names of the authorized pick up folks for each child.  Then have the teacher use a tablet or phone to check the child out and record who picked the child up.  Check out our video tutorial on Using Authorized Check Out


Let us know how your church utilizes Mobile Check In.




In addition to supporting churches that use Roll Call, Kim enjoys being a parent to two amazing teenagers alongside her husband, David (who happens to also work within shouting distance). She may be spotted in the wild hiking, biking, skiing or snowshoeing.