It’s that time of year again.  Time to promote your kids.  Roll Call offers a variety of utilities to help save you time with this process.  In this post, I’ve outlined the 3 different ways you can graduate your students.

Graduation Utility

This utility will handle the graduation of your K – 12 students.  To use this utility, make sure of the following:

  • The grade field in a child’s profile record is set and correct.
  • The grade range preference is set for each of your classes
  • You DO NOT have multiple classes with the same grade range, for example school and church classes.
  • You DO NOT have gender specific classes.

When you run the graduation utility, it will bump the grade in students profile up by one.  It will then look at the grade range preference in the classes they are a member of to determine if they still belong to that class.  If necessary, it will move them up to the next class.  I highly recommend that you backup your database before running this utility.

For instructions on running the graduation utility, click here.

Graduation Mapping

With the graduation mapping, you define how the classes are promoted.  For example, Pre-K goes to Kindergarten, and Kindergarten goes to 1st grade etc.  The mapping method should be used in the following cases:

  • You do not have the grade set in a child’s profile, but they are enrolled in a grade specific class
  • Your classes are gender specific
  • You have multiple classes with the same grade range preference. For example you have classes for a school as well as Sunday school classes.

To use the mapping method to graduate your classes, you will define your map, then press a button to GRADUATE now.  For instructions on running the graduation mapping, click here.

Graduation on Birthday

For your nursery, toddler and pre-school children you can use the graduation mapping method to move them all up at one time.  Or you can define a graduation map whereby they are moved up on their birthday.  To graduate them on their birthday, make sure of the following:

  • You have the birthday field filled out in the students record
  • You have defined a graduation map for your little ones
  • You mark the box for “graduate on birthday” on the map

For further instructions, click here.



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